Gold Silver price/rate in India Today

Gold Silver price/rate in India Today

Here we are providing Daily Exact gold and silver rate in 1,10,100 grams and in kg,ounce also.We are providing Gold rate/price for 24 carat,22 carat,18 carat.We updating Today Lowest Price,Highest can also compare today Gold/Silver price with Yesterday Gold/silver Price.We are providing daily best gold/Silver prices according to gold/silver market.We providing details for how to check purity of the gold/silver.We are explaining about KDM and BIS Hallmark gold and difference between carat and karat.

Today Gold Price In India /Gold and silver Rate in India


Gold price in India Today:

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in India (INR) 
Gram 22 Carat Gold Today 22 Carat Gold Yesterday Daily Price Change 
1 gram ₹4,945 ₹4,949 ₹-4
8 gram ₹39,560 ₹39,592 ₹-32
10 gram ₹49,450 ₹49,490 ₹-40
100 gram ₹4,94,500 ₹4,94,900 ₹-400

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in India (INR) 
Gram 24 Carat Gold Today 24 Carat Gold Yesterday Daily Price Change 
1 gram ₹5,045 ₹5,049 ₹-4 
8 gram ₹40,360 ₹40,392 ₹-32 
10 gram ₹50,450 ₹50,490 ₹-40 
100 gram ₹5,04,500 ₹5,04,900 ₹-400

Indian Major Cities Gold Rates Today 
City 22 Carat Gold Today 24 Carat Gold Today 
Chennai ₹48,980 ₹53,430 
Mumbai ₹49,450 ₹50,450 
Delhi ₹49,900 ₹54,430 
Kolkata ₹50,500 ₹53,200 
Bangalore ₹48,400 ₹52,800 
Hyderabad ₹48,980 ₹53,430 
Kerala ₹47,250 ₹51,580 
Pune ₹49,450 ₹50,450 
Vadodara ₹49,870 ₹52,400 
Ahmedabad ₹49,870 ₹52,400 
Jaipur ₹49,900 ₹54,430 
Lucknow ₹49,900 ₹54,430 
Coimbatore ₹48,980 ₹53,430 
Madurai ₹48,980 ₹53,430 
Vijayawada ₹48,980 ₹53,430 
Patna ₹49,450 ₹50,450 
Nagpur ₹49,450 ₹50,450 
Chandigarh ₹49,100 ₹52,100 
Surat ₹49,870 ₹52,400 
Bhubaneswar ₹48,980 ₹53,430 
Mangalore ₹48,400 ₹52,800 
Visakhapatnam ₹48,980 ₹53,430 
Nashik ₹49,450 ₹50,450 
Mysore ₹48,400 ₹52,800

Gold Rate in India for Last 10 Days (10 g) 
Date 22 Carat 24 Carat 
Sep 11, 2020 ₹49,450 ( -40 ) ₹50,450 ( -40 ) 
Sep 10, 2020 ₹49,490 ( -10 ) ₹50,490 ( -10 ) 
Sep 9, 2020 ₹49,500 ( -50 ) ₹50,500 ( -50 ) 
Sep 8, 2020 ₹49,550 ( -40 ) ₹50,550 ( -40 ) 
Sep 7, 2020 ₹49,590 ( 80 ) ₹50,590 ( 80 ) 
Sep 6, 2020 ₹49,510 ( 10 ) ₹50,510 ( 10 ) 
Sep 5, 2020 ₹49,500 ( -40 ) ₹50,500 ( -40 )

Today Silver Price Per Gram/Kg in India (INR) 
Gram Silver Rate Today Silver Rate Yesterday Daily Price Change 
1 gram ₹67.98 ₹68.56 ₹-0.58
8 gram ₹543.84 ₹548.48 ₹-4.64
10 gram ₹679.80 ₹685.60 ₹-5.80
100 gram ₹6,798 ₹6,856 ₹-58
1 Kg ₹67,980 ₹68,560 ₹-580

Indian Major Cities Silver Rates Today 
City 10 gram 100 gram 1 Kg 
Chennai ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Mumbai ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Delhi ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Kolkata ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Bangalore ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Hyderabad ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Kerala ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Pune ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Vadodara ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Ahmedabad ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Jaipur ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Lucknow ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Coimbatore ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Madurai ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Vijayawada ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Patna ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Nagpur ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Chandigarh ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Surat ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Bhubaneswar ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Mangalore ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Visakhapatnam ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Nashik ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00
Mysore ₹679.80 ₹6,798 ₹67980.00

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Jewelry Whenever we plan to buy gold or silver ornaments the first thing that we should ensure how purity of gold we are we providing some signs for check the purity of gold which we are buying.
we should check hallmark before purchase gold/silver jewelry.For this we have to know which components hallmark contains.
BIS standard mark:
BIS hallmark tells that the Hallmarking is done by third party assessor and bears the mark of authenticity.
Halllmark looks like bellow

Purity grade:
Three digit number indicates the purity of gold
999 – 24 karat -100%pure gold too soft for jewelry
958 – 23 karat-hallmark would certify to a purity of 958 per 1000
916 – 22 karat-Popular in certain parts of the world such as India
875 – 21 karat
750 – 18 karat-75%pure Good balance of strength and value
708 – 17 karat
585 – 14 karat-58.5% Good balance of durability and value
12karat-50% Not used for jewelry
417 – 10 karat 41.7% Lowest Gold content that can be legally marked as Gold in the United States
375 – 9 karat
333 – 8 karat
Mark of hallmarking center(Assayer):
Every one must and should check the hallmarking center where the jewelry approved by assayer or marked as jewelry purity.there are different types of hallmarking centers we have.
Year of marking:
Alphabets represents the year of hallmarking of jewellery and is decided by BIS e.g. letter ‘A’ Donates Year 2000, ‘J’ for 2008, ‘N’ for 2010 ,‘M’ for 2011 and ‘N’ for 2012 and so on.
Gold Rate Today
Jewelers identification mark:
This is the identification mark of the manufacturer/jeweler selling the jewellery.Every manufacturer/jeweler contains different identification mark approached by hallmark center.

Keep three things in your mind if your buying gold/silver:
Look For :- Jewellery Showroom selling BIS Hallmark Jewellery.
Buy:- Hallmark Jewellery only. It assures the mark of purity/fitness.
Ask For: - Cash Memo /Invoice which will help BIS to resolve complaints (if any).
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What is KDM means:

Without soldering hadrly to make jewel so make jewel easy.solder should have a melting temperature lower than that of gold, so just the solder melts and joins gold pieces without affecting the gold parts.In this solder was combination of gold and copper since it allows strong and make easy jewel,this is traditional method to make jewelry.There is no particular ratio for this solder.The purity of solder is very less about 60% or 70%near to22karat gold.For this reason to maintain gold purity instead of copper starting to used cadmium.In solder they used gold 92%,8%cadmium that means solder itself have purity.Such jewellery using cadmium began to be widely known as KDM jewellery.But shortly after the introduction of cadmium, it was banned by BIS as it was found to cause health issues for artisans working with it. After the ban, cadmium was replaced by advanced solders with Zinc and other metals. But the term “KDM” hung on and is still commonly used. So a KDM jewellery means it will have the same purity even when it is melted, as the solder itself has a purity of 92%.
KDM-marked jewellery was banned in many countries. KDM does not stand for quality. Using any type of gold solder either KDM (Cadmium) or other gold solder to make the jewelry does not guarantee the purity of gold, as the purity is a representation of the percentage of gold in any metal. KDM mark is a “statutory warning” against use of jewellery made with cadmium soldering. However, the jewellers often advertise KDM as a quality-mark and sell the jewels at a premium.
Gold Rate Today
What is the difference between carat and karat:

A carat is an unit of weight for diamonds and other gemstones. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. To put this in perspective, one pound equals 453 grams, or 453,000 milligrams.

A karat is an weight used to measure the purity of gold. “24 karat” refers to pure gold, which is not often used in jewelry because it is very soft. Gold is usually mixed with other metals to make it harder or modify its color. So if a piece of jewelry is made of metal that is 18 parts gold and 6 parts copper, that is 18-karat gold.
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