Pelli kobbari bondam designs decoration

Pelli kobbari bondam designs decoration

Here we provides all wedding accessories like pelli kobbari bondam/coconut desings,pellikundalu,garigamuntha,haldi kumkuma trays,saree gift boxs,engagement ring trays,addu tera,pelli butta,aarathi plates,talabralu,saare buttalu/bridal baskets,kuduka/coconut designs,bangles baskets,saree packing,engagement dry fruit packing.

For order contact on face book or post a comment below.Mention design and colour on comments.we takes orders on customer requirements.

The coconut called in sanskrit sriphala it means gods friut.Most of the hindu cermenoies/puja rituals we use coconut.The cocont/kobbaribonam is used in the making of a Purna Kumbha/kalasha is also an independent object of worship.The marks on the coconut make it look like the head of a human being. The coconut is broken, symbolising the breaking of the ego. The juice within, representing the inner tendencies/vaasanas is offered along with the white kernel the mind, to the Lord.

A mind thus purified by the touch of the Lord is used as prasaada. In the traditional abhishekha ritual done in all temples and many homes, several materials are poured over the deity like milk, curd, honey, tender coconut water, sandal paste, holy ash etc. Each material has a specific significance of bestowing certain benefits on worshippers. Tender coconut water is used in abhisheka rituals since it is believed to bestow spiritual growth on the seeker.

The coconut also symbolises selfless service. Every part of the tree the trunk, leaves,fruit, coir etc. Is used in innumerable ways like thatches, mats, tasty dishes, oil, soap etc. It takes in even salty water from the earth and converts it into sweet nutritive water that is especially beneficial to sick people. It is used in the preparation of many ayurvedic medicines and in other alternative medicinal systems.

On Rakhi Purnima the coconuts are thrown into the sea as offerings to sea God Varuna. In western India, the festival is called Nariyal Purnima/Coconut Full Moon.Now a days in wedding every item should be designed as special.
                       Green kobbaribondam with lotus flower.
                                     round plate with red designed coconuts

                          kobbaribondam designed with omkaram center atrraction
          In round plate yewllow coconuts with red designed decorated with beats
                           In decorated plate yeollw and pink designed coconuts  
coconut with zardosi work 

         kobbari bondam with beatifull flower and with bride name
                coconut designed with pearls and beads
                                    kobbaribondam with lotus

                    kobbaribondam with srivenkateshwaranamam and shanka chakra
                              kobaaribondam with omkaram stone work
                      kobbaribonadam designed with pearls and beads with names
we decorates kobbaribondam with pers,beads,stones.Thanks for Visiting


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