Engagement trays packing decoration

Engagement trays packing decoration

These trays are used for engagement fruits packing,dryfruit packing,chocolate packing,cosmetics packing for engagement,narial/coconut packing for engagement,tamalapakulu/betal leaves packing,haldi kumkuma packing,ring boxes,saree gift packing,bangels packing,shirt packing,garland packing,teddy bear packing,jewellery packing.

we made decorations up on customers requirements and budget.For order contact on womenspage.in@gmail.com facebook or post a comment below.Mention design and colour on comments.

                                                     fruits and sweets decoration

pot decoration

                                                         kobbari/nariyal decoration

             Thamalapakulu pasupu kommulu vakkalu decoration

Ready tray set decoration for square partition tray for dry fruits packing or chocolates,other are for saree packing,fruit packing,cosmetics bangles packing,kobbarikaya decoration,big one for garland packing.colors can be change as per customer requirement.

                                                              saree packing basket

                                 In this basket we can decorate cosmetics or fruits,bangles

fruit decoration basket

                saree decoration with idols.we can use it for cosmetics packing also.
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